Wellness Scoop!

The following list of wellness practitioners, centers and books are my favorites in their categories.  I’ve had personal experience with everyone and every place listed and highly recommend them.  I will continue to add to this list as I continue to seek out the best of the best.

If you’ve had experience with a wellness center or practitioner that you would like to recommend, please contact me


Maria MacKnight, MSc, MAc, LAc  

Arlington, VA 


Allison Bower, MAc, LAc & Functional Medicine Practitionera

Cary, NC


Breast Thermography

National Integrated Health Associates

Washington DC  


If you want to take a truly pro-active approach to your health and in particular, to reducing your risk of breast cancer, have a breast thermography done and interpreted by an experienced doctor.  Studies show that thermography can detect the potential for a tumor 5 to 6 years before anything would ever be detected on a mammogram.  I am not suggesting you stop getting mammograms.  I am suggesting you add thermography to your healthy living practices.

fyi – They also do full body thermography for an even bigger picture of your overall health.

Holistic Dentistry

Eugene A. Sambataro, D.D.S, FAGD

Ellicott City, MD   


Why a holistic dentist?  Many, many reasons, but Dr. Sam will explain it all to you on your first, free visit.  Dr. Sam, his wife Cindy (a dental hygienist) and all the staff are incredibly attentive and caring.

Holistic Medical Centers

Sanoviv Medical Institute 

Rosarito, Mexico 


“Combines cutting-edge diagnostics, nutrition, detoxification and medical treatments in a luxurious setting, making it a model healing center for the 21st century.”       – Alternative Medicine Magazine

Sanoviv, derived from the Spanish words “healthy living”, provides your mind, body and spirit with a toxic-free environment to restore your health. Sanoviv has created a unique standard of quality, excellence and cleanliness never before seen in medical care.

This place is incredible!  I was there for a week in 2002 and a week in 2015. If you are dealing with a chronic health issue that you have not been able to resolve, please consider giving yourself the gift of at least a week at Sanoviv. At least check out their website, a wealth of information for holistic health & healing.

National Integrated Health Associates

Washington DC 


Integrative medicine, natural medical options and biological dentistry

Organization Michelle Rosen   

Clarksville, MD


It’s hard to feel or be well when you’re stressed out or when your physical environment is in disarray.  I know.  I’ve been there… a lot!  Michelle and her team are wonderful at making you feel ‘normal’ and helping to bring serenity to the decluttering process. 


Hot Yoga Baltimore

(formerly Bikram Yoga Catonsville)

Baltimore, MD


360 Yoga

Mt. Pleasant, SC


Bikram Yoga Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT


The Yoga Center of Columbia

Columbia, MD


While I believe just about everyone can benefit from yoga, and one of my favorite forms is Bikram yoga (in case it wasn’t obvious by the list above), I also believe that Bikram (yoga done in a 105⁰ room) is not for everyone.  Most studios will let you try at least one class for free or cheap, so give it a try.  If it’s not for you, try one of the many other variations of yoga.  If you’re not sure which one to start with, look for a beginner’s Hatha yoga class.

Books I Recommend:

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the EndAtul Gawande

Inconceivable:  Winning The Fertility Game                
A true story of one woman’s triumph over statistics Julia Indichova

The Power of IntentionDr. Wayne Dyer

The Psychology of Winning Dr. Denis Waitley

7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleDr. Stephen Covey

Mouthful of Poison: The Truth About Mercury Amalgam FillingsDr. Myron Wentz

 The Healthy Home:  Simple Truths to Protect Your Family from Hidden Household Dangers Dave Wentz, Dr. Myron Wentz & Donna K Wallace