Hey Peggy. Just wanted to let you know I took an intro class at ---- Studios and ------ Studios and you are, by far, the best instructor I've had yet! I still hope to come back sometime!
Marian L.
Silver Spring, MD

I am a beginner and am hooked already. Peggy's instruction is always a battery-charging experience -- calming and energizing movements which increase my self-esteem in addition to my health. She is such a gentle teacher with a sense of fun, too. Have to say I feel like a million after each session.
Mary K
Catonsville, MD

I had always wondered about Pilates and wanted to try it. Wellness Scoop offered a 4 week plan for beginners in the authentic Pilates method, and I jumped at the chance. I'm so glad I did because I feel it has become an important part of my exercise regimen. The breathing, stretching and core control that I've learned help me feel good every day, even if I'm not working out. Peggy Roache's method of demonstrating and then talking through each sequence is just right. Her studio is spotless and the atmosphere is serene. The classes are not too large and the hour flies by. I'm hooked!
Leslie N.
Ellicott City, MD

I have just had my first two Pilates classes, and I love it! I come away from class feeling relaxed and more in tune with my body and how to move better. I feel that over the long term it will definitely help me build a strong and balanced body ready for the next 47 years of my life!
Karol S.
Ellicott City, MD

Thought I'd mention what Pilates did for me as a beginner I could definitely tell the difference in my flexibility- Also I was walking straighter and even felt taller.
Debby T
Catonsville, MD

I went to a class at the (name removed) Pilates Studio on Sat. It was a free one. It's called Pilates for Weight Loss. But, actually it's low impact aerobics for about 1/2 hr. & then some mat work the last 1/2 hr. It was o.k., but I enjoy your workout better!
Dawn C.
Ellicott City, MD

I've done Pilates for going on two years. It's helped me relax and I've experienced some unexpected side effects. The monthly cramps that normally have me reaching for Ibuprofin have disappeared.

I love Pilates and have been doing it off and on for at least 3 years. I am a dancer and exercise a lot, but the thing that makes me feel the strongest, and look the best is Pilates. I have taken Pilates from several other certified instructors but I like Peggy's attitude and workouts the best. I have been taking from Peggy for only 6 months, but I can see the results. Peggy eases us into our workout, but by the time we are finished I feel like I've worked as hard as I could, and my muscles feel toned for a few days. It doesn't make you sore, and I've even increased my flexibility. Most importantly, my body feels good and my lower back has stopped hurting (I have Scoliosis). I would recommend Pilates in general and Peggy in particular.
Andrea L.
Silver Spring, MD


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Healthy Fun Weight Loss

"I have tried different diets over the years and have wanted to change my eating habits. But until now I have never found a program or a coach who has actually taught me what I need to do differently and how to do it. Peggy - thank you so much. I will be sending people to you who really want to change their lives."
Lorna L.
Bowie, MD

Thanks again for all of your dedication to helping folks regain their health. The education that you provided us during those sessions is so valuable and life changing. Your patience, encouragement, and knowledge that you shared with us is greatly appreciated. Take good care.
Nancy R.
Falls Church, VA

So happy... went to my healthy for life meeting tonight... this was our week for measuring... I lost 5 and a half inches off my waist... everyone that showed up tonight had lost inches. KGCoG Family... If you are not already involved in this program You have to sign up for the next term.... It is absolutely amazing! .
Crystal B. (from Facebook post)
King George, VA

Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience! I will continue my program with vigilance & with joy having been taught so many great things about healthy eating & nutrition & having had such great fellowship with all participants.
Again, I thank you & wish you continued success in all your endeavors to share with others.
Bev D.
King George, VA

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