What’s for Dinner?

Well I wrote my 1st blog, got it posted and then BAM!  Three months flew by!  Between the holidays and preparing for my new weight loss classes, Peggy’s Scoop got lost in the shuffle.

But I’m back with a new theme that I hope you’ll like and take advantage of.  I’ve decided that one way to keep me honest, and posting more regularly is to share something that I’m already doing, and would also be of benefit to you.  And one thing I do every Sunday (sometimes Monday), is to create a dinner menu plan for my family for the upcoming week.  It’s taken me several years, but I have finally amassed a fairly large repertoire of recipes that fit my three most important criteria.  They are:

1) Healthy – according to the low glycemic & balanced menu planning I teach in my Healthy Living & 10 Day Jump Start programs.

2) Simple – I really hate to cook, so the less time prepping, cooking & cleaning up the better.

3) Delicious – I’ve convinced my husband and daughter, and now I like to show you that healthy eating can not only be delicious, but is usually more satisfying than anything else.

So starting this weekend, I’ll be posting my personal menu plan, with recipes, for you to use as is or tweak according to your personal tastes and schedules.

But first, let me give you some insight into how I try to structure these plans, mostly so that it’s easier for me to come up with something that’s balanced and has variety each week.  When I first started doing this over six years ago, I struggled for many months until I finally hit on the idea of a menu plan “template” so-to-speak.  It goes like this…

Day 1 – Fish/ seafood

Day 2 -Vegetarian / vegan
Day 3 – Poultry
Day 4 – Vegetarian / vegan
Day 5 – Fish/seafood
Day 6 – Beef or lamb
Day 7 – Soup & salad

Obviously, these can be moved around as needed to fit the current week’s schedule, tastes, items in the pantry, etc.  But the idea is 2 nights of seafood, 2 nights vegetarian, 2 nights poultry, 1 night beef or lamb.  It’s turned out to be a great starting point for me, because now I don’t feel like I have to pull things out of the air quite so much.

So keep your eye out in the next few days for my next post, with 7 days of great eating!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how you handle meal planning at your home.  Does the question “What’s for dinner?” make you cringe (like it used to for me)?

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